Problems with delayed key and lagging video sounds



we using CasparCG in some livestream productions and we using mostly videos (with key and without too) and HTML templates. But there are some problems I can’t explain. We working with Blackmagic Deckling cards.

  1. The key of videos with transparent background are delayed after some time. So first the key is alright, everything matches. After one hour (or something like that) the key is delayed and you can see the black shape of the elements in the video.
    I dont think thats a common behaviour and that you have to restart the server again that the key matches again.

  2. Sometimes when videos with sounds are playing the sound has “lagging” moments. And it’s not always on the same video or the same position. It’s really random and with different codec formats too. Usually we have normal mp4 (with h256 codec) and mov (transparent) files playing.

  3. The third thing what came right now in my mind is the HTML producer. I’m not happy with the performance of it. So sometimes when I want to play an HTML template, it’s not showing and I have to double play it for it to show up.

If someone knows what things are causing one or more of this problems, I would be more than happy about some help and suggestions what to do next.


To 1: What card(s) do you use? What is the keyer settings?


I think we using a DeckLink Studio 4k, but I’m not sure at all. I have to look up tomorrow to be 100% sure.
The keyer settings from the config file:

<decklink> <device>1</device> <key-only>true</key-only> <buffer-depth>6</buffer-depth> </decklink>