OSC not working

I’m using the latest 2.2.0 version of the CasparCG client, and CasperCG 2.2.0.
This client is working ok with CasparCG.
Now I want to use “Allow Remote Triggering” with OSC.
I’ve searched the internet for the OSC command structure, but the don’t work.
(example: /control/UIDname/play)
All settings in the client are OK. I have tested the connection on the computer with a OSC testtool, and this tool is recieving the OSC commands. So the connection to my computer is OK.
Can somebody tell me what the structure of the OSC commands need to be?

With kind regards,
Jan Hein

Do you run Scanner.exe along with Caspar?

Yes, i do run the scanner.

Found it.
After a long testing and searching it has to be:
/control/UID/play 1
The last 1 has to be a string.
I’m sending with arduino. The last variable has to be “1”.