Non standard output resolution

Hey all.
I might ask a stupid question but I never digged into Casparcg code and I wonder if it would be possible (or if the dev would require a lot of time) to be able to have channels that are not 16/9 or 4/3.
Today for all LED screens on stage we use CasparCG to generate everything from video to CG to animated text with scores and anything the show needs, we generate multiple channels 1080p30 with specific layers mapping that we send to LED controllers that then parse in order to change the resolution based on the mapping to send correct part of the output to the correct LED Screen.
For exemple I’ll say that from 0,0 to 120,800 its screen1, from 121,0 to 240,800 its screen 2 , etc…

I was wondering if Casparcg would be able to have a resolution that is not 1080p or 720p that I would be able to export through my Blackmagic Quad 2. (Or something else ?), like is able to do resolume for example.
So that I don’t need a specific controller for little shows for examples when I have four TVs that expect something like 1080x400 resolution input.

Maybe I don’t understand things and this is a stupid question, tell me :slight_smile:

No, it’s not.

The Quad 2 (and all other cards, that I know) do not support non broadcast resoltutions. So it’s not a question of Caspar.

What happen with this TV’s if you feed them 1920x1080? I have an installation where we use LG Ultra Stretch Monitors (turned vertical). Nominal you should feed them a 1920x300 pixel signal. If you feed a full 1920x1080 the squeeze the picture to fit into the display. What you could do now is use a MIXER FILL command to scale a 1920x300 pixel portion of the screen to 1920x1080 and feed the distorted signal to the monitor. The result is what you want. You can also use the route commands to copy a channel to different other channels and scale them individually.

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