Newsroom system - MOS - Aveco plugin or something else?

I´m working a bit on my own NRCS(Octopus) plugin and mos device(well… not a real mos device, just extracting active rundowns - that part works)
The goal is to get data from NRCS to my own casparcg client on not automated shows(where there is no need for aveco to control it). And on the long run also on automated shows(I know that would need some work from aveco) - but then there is the
aveco NRCS activeX plugin made for casparcg, that does the same thing. Does anybody have experience with it?
best regards

I do a lot of template work for AVECO systems, but do not have experiance running them, because that is what my clients do. But maybe I can help you anyway.

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