New server

Hi everybody,

I’m configuring a new Caspar Server for a University and specs are two 4K outputs, both with fill&key.

I had never used BMD Declink 8K pro, all my Caspar Buids are with Declink Duo 2, so I wonder if 4K Pro can be configured like that, a couple of fill&key 4K streams.

Last but not least, 4K is not my normal business so I need advice about storage system. My initial plan is to setup 3 or 4 SSDs as RAID 0 but don’t know if motherboard RAID is enough or I do need a decent RAID controller.

Another caveat is about graphics card. In my builds I used nVidia cards of different models that I had laying around but I wonder if there is some model that would suit this case?

Thank you!


I’ve worked a couple ot times with decklink 8K pro as Fill&Key output with CasparCG. It is possible to output Fill&Key in UHD with that card, although there are some limitations in channel configuration compared to DUO 2 where you can have 2x FILL&KEY out or 1x and other 2 indepentend channels, so if I’m not wrong you might need two of them in your system for 2x FILL&KEY channels. If you still need more info I can check in detail and let you know the available configurations you can achieve.

As for the storage part, in my opinion for Graphics playout 4xSSD RAID 0 is overkill. You could use a combination for redundancy if you need it.

For the GPU the best approach would be Nvidia Quadro models. Check the supported openGL versions depending on which server version you’re going to use, as there are different requirements from 2.0.7 to 2.3.

for the 8K Pro you can have 2xF+K or all 4 independent in/out

it is not possible to have 1xF+K and the other two independent in/out, which is possible with the Duo

Thank you for the specs, that’s what I was seeking for; so, according to that I can configure a pair of Fill&key channels in a 8KPro. Perfect for me.

I’ll check the requeriments for 2.3 and would use Quadro instead of RTX if you think is better. The storage is always a possible bottleneck so I like to go with more that needed bandwith. During assembly I’ll see what mobos are available and decide what to do with that matter.

Thank you both for the help.

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