NDI output crashes Server after some time



Ok, I tested a trace logging to narrow down whatever happens with this elusive crashing. The file is compressed because it’s 77 MB long.

As you can tell, conditions are no different from yesterday’s log, only that trace is active and logging to a different folder, just in case; and by the time of the logs you’ll see that this time the server took way more time to crash than before.

Because of that I was able to actually see the stuttering you told me in a previous message, so maybe you’ll be able to see messages regarding that matter too. Now, I saw stuttering on the Screen consumer, not the Decklink output, but because I have no monitor for the Decklink output at the moment. Probably it happened in both.


How has stability been since using the new ndi version?


I apologize for the delay, work has been hectic these days, so I’ve been unable to run proper tests.

I’ll be running a couple of tests this week to see how it does and I’ll be reaching back.


I tested both 2.1.7 NRK and 2.3.0 NDI fork by @balte and here’s the results:

  • 2.1.7 NRK has proven to be as stable as 2.1.6 NRK, so now I’m using it as the current daily driver for broadcasting at my work.
  • 2.3.0 NDI fork works fine, but it presents a few problems with audio stuttering. Not a recurrent one, it’s far and between and not for too long, but it works properly.

I probably need to run a longer test with NDI fork to see if there’s any other problem, but so far it’s fine. But I’m still unable to play PNGs on Server 2.2.x and above, so that prevents me from using for broadcasting.


The new NDI work has been merged into main 2.3 now, so you should switch to that for any future testing.

I was not aware of a PNG problem, is there a github issue for it?