More than one config-file


I know that I have been asking this before, but I cant find the answer right now (old forum)
Can you with the 2.2.0 casparcg_auto_restart.bat-file make casparcg read a different config file than the standard.
either have 1.config, 2.config…
or have folders called config1, config2… and in them a file casparcg.config
The reason for having this is if you want to use the same casparcg for example as a 4-channel screen playout and the next day as a 4 channel recorder.

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You would then add the name of the config file after the call to start Caspar:

@Echo off
casparcg.exe nameOfConfig.config

if ERRORLEVEL 5 goto :Start

You could copy the .bat file multiple times under different names and add the different configs to each of them. Then use the appropriate .bat file for the job.


Hope that someother than me also find this useful

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Would this concept also work on Server 2.0.7, using Windows shortcuts? I need two different configurations, one for 720p59.94 playout, and one for 1080i59.94 playout.

Windows shortcut-1 with a command line of: \pathname\casparcg.exe 720config.config -and-
Windows shortcut-2 with a command line of: \pathname\casparcg.exe 1080config.config

…or is there more to it?

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Yes sure, I use that also for 2.0.7. I would write two batch files, with commands to change the psth to the Caspar program folder, before the vommandline and let the shortcut point on them. That is probably easier.