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I receive these errors in NRK, in 2.3_LTS I don’t receive any error.

What it refers to, CPU(Intel® Core™ i5-9500 CPU @ 3.00GHz) GPU(NVIDIA Quadro K620), RAM(32Gb) on a HP 8592.
In diag, no problem 3 channels, 2 players and 1 recorder in 1080i50 (3 cards, 2 Mini monitor, 1 Mini Recorder)

I am trying to decide to mount a 2 channel player in 1080i50 (PAL). I don’t know if NRK has any verification system for equipment that doesn’t meet their specifications.

Is it reliable to use NRK? Or is it better to work on the LTS by working on interlacing? From what I read in the 2.3 forums it works on a 50p basis. We know if NRK maintains interlacing in a more efficient way.

Thanks for your time.

[0611/] Lost UI shared context.
[2020-06-11 13:14:20.444] [3500] [warning] [channel] Performance warning. Mix blocked: 0.041
[2020-06-11 13:14:20.451] [9192] [warning] Device does not support video-format: 1080i50
[2020-06-11 13:14:20.452] [9192] [error]   DeckLink Mini Monitor [1-1|1080i5000] Failed to enable external keyer.
[2020-06-11 13:14:20.581] [15048] [error]   DeckLink Mini Monitor 4K [2-3|1080i5000] Failed to enable external keyer.
[2020-06-11 13:14:20.676] [6192]  [warning] [channel] Performance warning. Consume blocked: 0.15
[2020-06-11 13:14:20.676] [3500]  [warning] [channel] Performance warning. Tick blocked: 0.15

HI DId You Solve this

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