Get information about updated media


Hello to all,

I am currently developing a small application to playout video content.
Now I am getting to a point where it will be very useful to know in my application whenever media content on the capsar server is updated. I think about a kind of message box or “warning” that new files are avaiable or content was deleted.

What I’m basically looking for is a possibilty to get an event or note whenever the media scanner updates its database.

Is there any possibilty to do that. Has anybody an approach to that?

I am currently using caspar server 2.3 with the media scanner.

Thanks :blush:


i am afraid you have to “poll” CLS
or if you use the NRK media scanner you can “poll” http://ipcaspar:8000/stat/set/
which gives you a number that increases when the state off the mediafolder changes.



Both the official and nrk media-scanner use pouchdb internally, and that is exposed over http. So it should be possible to connect to that with any couchdb compatible client and subscribe to changes


Thanks for the advice.
I’ll check both approaches soon.