Discussion about the specification of a new "official" client



I would like this client to be not just for clip and titles playout, but also a 24/7 chanel playout.
When playing out html templates, it would be nice to see the playing items highlighted for the whole time they are being played, not just until next thing is played.
I’d like to see LOADBG, PLAY, NEXT, PAUSE and STOP buttons in the interface, so it could be controlled not just with keyboard or through the menus.
Nice optional feature would be if it detected what aspect ratio is the content, and send corresponding MIXER command to add pillar boxes etc.
Interface operated via web browser would be awesome, but I guess not much people think the same way. Of course user accounts would have to be implemented.

I really hope the client will still be multiplatform, as I don’t see a way we could broadcast with those Win10 crashes. After the “upgrade” we now have to be literarily sticked to screens and ready to switch to backup whenever playout server decides to crash.

I work for a czech non-commercial TV and I hope that we could some day switch to CasparCG-only environment. I’m tired of non working overpriced SW with horrible support. Right now we are testing CasparCG with official client for clip and title playout during live events.


The official client should not lean in to the playout solution way.

It should be as generic as the current client is, IMHO .


I like the client, as it is. What would be great, to have a much more bigger Countdown-timer in the top.


Dear Didikunz,

My suggestion is to add another player option in the same interface where drag and drop of can be possible to different rundown.

Also, the new server version have a draw back to run scanner.exe separately to update the LIBRARY/MEDIA folder.

Rest I think is good to have a simple but easy to use look.

Thanks & Regards,