Caspar Client 2.0.8 and MS Visual C++ errors


We have a couple of problems on one of our, two supposedly identical Caspar graphics machines. The one for this topic is Caspar Client failing to run with MS visual C++ errors


I have copied the Caspar Client folder onto the other machine and it runs OK.

I have had a look in ‘program and features’ and the MS Visual C++ redistributables look the same as our working machine.

Both machines are running the same hardware, and OS.

Windows 7 Professional SP1 64 bit
HP Z440 Workstation
nVidia Graphics driver 361.91

I’m kind of out of ideas except to rebuild the machine. Does anyone have any thoughts before I do this?

Many thanks.

Here’s a list of the redistributables.

The only idea I have is to try and clear any config/cache that the client may have on your machine. I know that the database getting corrupt can cause weird issues, not sure if that is your problem though.
The config/cache is located at c:/users//.casparcg

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Brilliant! This indeed did fix it. Many thanks.